OhioMTA/Graves Piano Solo & Ensemble Contest

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Due to the high level of contestants in this competition, the judges will need till Wednesday, March 31 to make their decision.

JANUARY 21, 2021

This competition, administered by the Central East District and sponsored by Graves Piano & Organ Company, awards prizes totaling $4,500. It showcases a high level of artistry.

The competition will take place online and contestants must upload their performance onto an unlisted (private) YouTube page. Duet/duo partners must send in two registration forms (one for each player), two registration fee checks, and one YouTube link.  For instructions on how to upload performances to YouTube, click HERE.

Registration Deadline
Monday, February 8th, 2021
To access the registration form, please visit: https://form.jotform.com/210147562746153
Registration fees must be sent by check (with name and teacher listed) to:
Kathleen Sadoff
5006 Cadogan Place
New Albany, OH 43054

Video Deadline
Saturday, March 13th, 2021
Please send link to YouTube page of your performance and a PDF of your music score to:

Online only


(6 to 10 years old as of 3/13/21)
1st place $200 – 2nd place $100 – 3rd place $75 – 4th place $50

(11 to 14 years old as of 3/13/21)
1st place $300 – 2nd place $150 – 3rd place $75

(15 to 18 years old as of 3/13/21)
1st place $400 – 2nd place $200 – 3rd place $100 – 4th place $50

Young Artist
(19 to 26 years old as of 3/13/21)
1st place $500 – 2nd place $200


(6 to 10 years old as of 3/13/21)
1st place $200 – 2nd place $100

(11 to 14 years old as of 3/13/21)
1st place $300 – 2nd place $150

(15 to 18 years old as of 3/13/21)
1st place $400 – 2nd place $200

(19 years and older as of 3/13/21)
1st place $500 – 2nd place $200

Rules and Regulations
Please read carefully and provide a copy for students and parents.

  • This is a statewide piano event open to both current OhioMTA members and non-members and their students.
  • Non-member teachers must live within the state of Ohio.
  • OhioMTA teachers must have paid their dues by January 10, 2021 to be considered active members.
  • All entrants, except Adult Duet/Duo, must have studied with their present teacher at least six of the nine months preceding the date of the competition.
  • First place winners in every category are not eligible to enter the same category in the following year.
  • The Chairman reserves the right to cancel any category competition with fewer than two entrants.
  • Teachers may not assist their students in any manner during the competition.
  • Students may compete in both solo and duet/duo categories if eligible.
  • Duet/duo entrants may compete with only one partner.
  • Duet/duo members do not have to study with the same teacher.
  • Duet/duo teams must compete in the older team member’s category.
  • For duos, the pianos will be side-by-side (not dove-tailed).
  • A clean printed/published copy of the music must be provided to the judges online in PDF format.
  • All measures must be numbered.


Solo Repertoire

  • Only original compositions for the piano are acceptable.
  • Memorization is required.
  • Entrants must play only one composition. More than one movement from the same suite, sonatina, or sonata is counted as one composition as long as the time limit is not exceeded. More than one selection from the same Opus is also counted as one as long as the time limit is not exceeded.
  • Concerti are not eligible repertoire.
  • Compositions cannot be changed once submitted.
  • Teachers, parents and contestants are to have no communication with the judges before, during, or after the competition. Contacting the judges could be cause for disqualification from the contest.

Young Artist Solo Repertoire

  • Young Artist entrants must play two pieces from two contrasting style periods within the performance time limit.
  • Memorization is required.

Solo Time Limits and Entry Fees
Elementary: up to 5 minutes – $40 Member/$80 Non-member
Junior: up to 8 minutes – $45 Member/$90 Non-member
Senior: up to 10 minutes – $50 Member/$100 Non-member
Young Artist: up to 20 minutes – $60 Member/$120 Non-member

Duet/Duo Repertoire

  • Original compositions, arrangements, and transcriptions are acceptable.
  • Concerto arrangements are not eligible repertoire.
  • Teams may play duet music, duo music, or some of each.
  • Memorization is NOT required.
  • Each entrant’s music must be a printed/published copy.

Duet/Duo Time Limits and Entry Fees
Elementary: up to 6 minutes – $50 Member/$100 Non-member
Junior: up to 8 minutes – $50 Member/$100 Non-member
Senior: up to 12 minutes – $50 Member/$100 Non-member
Adult: up to 18 minutes – $60 Member/$120 Non-member

For a representative selection of appropriate literature for each performance level, please email the co-chairs. Decisions of the competition co-chairs regarding eligibility and repertoire are final. Judges will announce results by Saturday, March 27, two weeks after video submission deadline.

Winners’ Recital
In lieu of a winners’ recital for the 2021 competition, first and second place winners from the elementary, junior, senior, and young artist solo and duet/duo categories will have links to their YouTube performances posted on the CEOMTA website as well as the CEOMTA Facebook page. Students and parents must sign off on the registration form that they are permitting their performance to be showcased on a public webpage (this is listed under Media Release).

Competition Co-Chairs
Kathleen Sadoff – thesadoffs@sbcglobal.net
Qian Yoyo Liu – qianyoyoliu@gmail.com

Online Admin
Holly Kessis – kessish.piano@gmail.com


Updated March 29, 2021