National Certification

The MTNA National Certification Program exists to improve the level of professionalism within the field of music teaching. Every member of MTNA is invited and encouraged to become nationally certified. Whether you never studied music at the college level, or you earned a doctoral degree in performance, you are eligible and encouraged to join the ranks of Nationally Certified Teachers of Music (NCTM).

A teacher becomes certified by completing five projects which detail your preparation, your skills, and your professionalism.
Project #1 – Write Your Teaching Philosophy
Project #2 – Analyze Four Teaching Pieces
Project #3 – Present Your Teaching and Your Playing
Project #4 – Share Information About Your Teaching Environment
Project #5 – Discuss Your Business Ethics And Studio Policies

To get started, go to Read about the general standards and the five specific projects. Spend some time surfing the National Certification section of the MTNA website. It has a wealth of information and a list of resources to help you. Certification is available for teachers of all instruments and voice, but piano teachers can get more detailed information by clicking on:

Then contact the District Certification Chair (see below) for help and support. It is up to each of us to engage in life-long learning and seek to become the finest teacher we can possibly be. The process to become nationally certified will enrich your life and help your career as a teacher.

From the Chairman:  If you are a life-long learner and can make the time to invest in a self-improvement project, please consider pursuing national certification. Everyone of us who has gone through the process agrees that it helped us become better teachers. If you have even one hour a week, I can help direct you to some of the easier requirements. It is my job, and my pleasure, to help any teacher who wishes to earn the designation “NCTM.”  Let me assist you.

Central East Certification Chairperson
Janice Cook, NCTM
1020 Woodman Drive, Columbus, OH 43085
(614) 397-0907 –

updated 8/25/23