Summer Music Study Scholarships

The Ohio Music Teachers Association Central East District, CEOhioMTA, is pleased to offer scholarships to eligible students.

General Information
The goal of the Summer Music Study Scholarship is to broaden the student’s exposure to music through something outside the regular routine. Scholarships may be used to pay for a music camp, master class, workshops, institute, special lessons, or coaching, separate from study with the teacher of current enrollment (the scholarship award should not benefit the current teacher of study or relatives of the student’s teacher).

Scholarships are sponsored by both local businesses and the CEOhioMTA and range from $100 to the $700 Graduating Senior Award (used for tuition reimbursement for students majoring in music).

This event is open to all students within the Central East District regardless of their teacher’s membership; however, both teacher and student must reside in the District.

Applicants must be nine (9) as of the audition date through high school senior to apply.

Applicants must have studied in the performance medium of the audition with their current teacher for at least six (6) of the nine (9) months immediately preceding the auditions.

Previous recipients are not eligible to audition the year following their award, except for future music majors auditioning for the Graduating Senior Award ($700 college tuition reimbursement).

Students may compete with more than one instrument but are only eligible to be awarded one scholarship.

Please note – Summer Music Study Scholarship applicants will be judged on:
the quality of their performance (50%),
submitted essays (30%)
sight-reading ability (20%).

Audition Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Audition Times: will be individually assigned between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

NEW!  Location
Graves Piano & Organ
5798 Karl Road
Columbus, OH 43229

Registration Deadline: Saturday, March 18, 2024 (postmark)

Fees: $25.00 members; $40 non-members

Please keep in mind, this event was originally designed for the average student to have the opportunity to broaden their musical knowledge. It is not limited to the top performers, which is why the event includes an essay and sight-reading. It is open to all levels, including beginners! Also, keep in mind, scholarships are not limited to the instrument of current study. Students may use the scholarship for a few lessons on a new instrument, say the ukulele, or guitar.

I encourage you to think about which student of yours might benefit from some fun this summer and talk with them about applying for a scholarship!

Click HERE for the 2024 Application Process, Rules and Regulations.

Click HERE for the 2024 Application, Score Sheet and Essay Requirements.

Contact information for teachers only:
Chair/Registrar – Debra Mattera
(614) 529-1133 •

Co-Chair – Sally Sansbury
(614) 747-1996 •



Updated 2/03/24