Certified Teacher of the Year

Each year, the Central-East District chooses a Nationally Certified Music Teacher of the Year and this teacher is honored at the Spring Conference. The district winner is then placed in nomination for the OMTA State Teacher of the Year.

Nationally certified members are nominated by peers in recognition of excellence in music teaching and dedicated service to MTNA. Any member may nominate a colleague by writing a letter of support and then mailing or e-mailing it to the district certification chairman. Nominations are accepted between January 1 and February 15. Please call the district certification chairman if you wish to have more information.

Central East District Nationally Certified Teachers of the Year
** designates those who were awarded State Teacher of the Year

1998 Janice Cook **
1999 Martha Harter Buckalew
2000 Rebecca G. Johnson
2001 Ruth A. Powell
2002 Sharon Reich Walton
2003 Lynn Singleton **
2004 Beth Owen **
2005 Bruce Piper
2006 Virginia Christopherson & Seymour Fink **
2007 Mary Craig Powell ** & Kenneth Williams **
2008 Carol A. Rein
2009 Tamara A. Morris
2010 Laura Flowers Benson
2011 Suzanne Newcomb
2012 Sharon Reich Walton **
2013 Bruce Piper **
2014 Melissa Robol **
2015 Lizbeth Atkinson **
2016 Laura Flowers Benson
2017 Susan Santo Treer**
2018 Annette Suhovecky**
2019 Rachel Mauricio Mills**
2020 Sally Liew Sansbury**
2021 The Scale Olympics Team:
Laura Wynia, Rebecca Buchan, Cynthia Adams, Lizbeth Atkinson, Rachel Mills,
Bruce Piper, Annette Suhovecky
2022 Miriam Brown**
2023 Laura Hughes Wynia

Janice Cook, NCTM
1020 Woodman Dr., Columbus, OH 43085
(614) 397-0907 • jbakercook@gmail.com

Updated 8/25/23