Invitation to Happy Birthday Class

The One Song Everyone Should Know!

Can you sit down at a moment’s notice and play a professional sounding version of “the song”?

Does every one of your late elementary students know how to play Happy Birthday?

We will build Happy Birthday from the bottom up so you can go home and start teaching it the same afternoon. When students are fluent with a four-note C7 chord, they are ready to learn the one song everyone should know. We will be “hands-on” — as if we were competent 6th grade students. In one session we will go through the steps that normally take a student about six lessons.

MONDAY, August 5th beginning at 10:00 a.m. sharp, and ending around 11:45 a.m. in the Keyboard Lab at Graves Piano and Organ. Bring a pencil (with eraser) and a soft clipboard or book to write on. I will give you a hand-out when we are almost finished.

RSVP to Janice Cook, NCTM or text 614-397-0907



Spring Conference April 12 (resending)

There was a problem reported with the email reminder sent about our upcoming Spring Conference. Please accept our apologies. The information is below.

Central East District of OhioMTA
Affiliated with Music Teachers National Association
?Invites You To Attend
Spring Conference, Luncheon and Annual Membership Meeting
Friday, April ?12, 2019 9:15-1:00
9:30 Meeting, Presenters 10:00-12:00 followed by Lunch
Faith Ministries Church 2747 Agler Rd. Columbus OH 43224

Small Business Notes for busy teachers.
Perhaps a few things your music degree never taught you.

From novice to seasoned teachers alike, most of us love teaching but do not enjoy the business side of being music studio owners. Our spring conference will host a panel of business professionals from the Columbus area to speak about running a small business and answer questions you may have. This invaluable information will be helpful to all teachers striving to be professional, confident and successful business owners. Topics to be covered are: small business laws in Ohio, accounting software, tax deductions and reporting requirements, new tax changes, Sole proprietor vs LLC, liability insurance, licensing, and marketing. We will also discuss the benefits of being connected to a professional group of peers.

Following the morning’s meeting and conference, please join us for lunch and the opportunity to meet new members and renew your OMTA friendships.

PLEASE RSVP BY April 5, 2019 ?To Julie Chambers at