Scale Olympics 2020

August 19 Update – The Scale Olympics Committee has compiled a 2020 Teacher Registration Checklist to assist you with completing online registration for this event. If you are unsure how to proceed, have questions, or are simply confused by it all – this comprehensive checklist will help you! To download this printable document, click HERE. Registration is open until September 3, 2020.

August 13 Update – The Scale Olympics Committee has released Updates and Information for Teachers.    Click HERE to download the document.


Thanks to the efforts of Lizbeth Atkinson, the Ear Training test now has audio files embedded in the actual test on ClassMarker. Students will play the audio file while they are taking the test.  This eliminates the need for students to have access to two devices; and they will not need to go to a Zoom Room to listen to a teacher play the ear training ‘questions’.  All of the questions are now integrated into the test itself. There is still no melodic or rhythmic dictation.  These have been replaced with questions that offer answer via drop down menu choices.

The video below shows what the theory test will look like and how it will work.  The ear training test is nearly identical, except the student will play the audio file with the “question” before choosing their answer from the drop down menu. We hope this gives you the information you need to better prepare your students.


Scale Olympics 2020 – Information For Teachers
Updated June 15 & June 30, 2020

Welcome to Scale Olympics 2020!  Appointed by our CEOMTA President, Andrea Keil, the Scale Olympics Committee has determined to move the event to an online format amid the COVID-19 pandemic for everyone’s safety.  Please read the information below as you prepare your students for the event. To download a printable PDF of this updated information, click HERE.

Members of the Scale Olympics 2020 Committee
Laura Wynia (Co-Chairman), Rebecca Buchan (Co-Chairman), Cynthia Adams, Lizbeth Atkinson, Rachel Mills, Bruce Piper and Annette Suhovecky.

The event will utilize the Scale Olympics Handbook currently in effect (2018) available for downloading below. The judging criteria for all events remains the same as detailed in the Handbook.

Event Dates and Times
Students may choose either Saturday, October 3 or Saturday, October 10th.
During registration, students may choose a morning (9:00-12:00) or afternoon (1:00-4:00) time slot.

Members:  $30 for 1-4 events;   $35 for 5-9 events
Non-members:  $60 for 1-4 events;   $70 for 5-9 events

Please submit one check per teacher, payable to CEOMTA. Checks from students will not be accepted.

July 1st, 2020 to September 3rd, 2020. Registration is now closed.text

Events Offered
We are delighted to be able to offer all nine events in a safe online format:  Scales, Cadences, Arpeggios, Triads, Harmonization, Transposition, Sight Reading, Theory, and Ear Training.  Each event is offered at eight levels of difficulty as well as a preparatory level for young beginners.   Students are awarded ribbons, based on points, for every event entered.  Students entering all nine events have the opportunity to receive one of the two top ribbon awards.  The Blue Rosette is awarded to students receiving Blue Ribbons in all nine events; the Yellow Rosette is awarded to students with 117 or more points and no more than two red ribbons. Students entering fewer events or earning fewer than 117 points will receive individual ribbons for each event entered.  The individual ribbons will only go to students who do not enter all nine events or who do not receive a Rosette.

Required Application
Scale Olympics 2020 will use Zoom for ALL nine events.  While the Zoom app is preferred, please note that the Zoom meeting room to which your student is assigned can be accessed via a web browser.

Required Technological Devices
Students must be equipped with a device and internet speed capable of maintaining a Zoom meeting room.  We strongly advise testing your device and internet at least two weeks prior to the event. 

S.C.A.T. (Scales, Cadences, Arpeggios, Triads)
S.C.A.T. will follow the traditional guidelines from the Handbook.  While there are no changes for the online event, please note that the student’s level in each event must be specified at the time of registration.  Note: Changes to the student’s level in any event can be made prior to the close of registration, September 3rd, 2020.

There will be NO “at-sight” Harmonization for Scale Olympics 2020.  In order to keep the integrity of the Harmonization event – and the Scale Olympics point system – students in Levels 1-8 will be required to play TWO “prepared” or “required” Harmonization pieces as outlined below.  Students in the Prep Level will still only prepare one piece.

Option 1 – Traditional Harmonization
Prepared Piece #1 – from the Handbook according to the Level in which the student is registered.
Prepared Piece #2 – from the Lead Sheet Harmonization pieces available to download from the CEOMTA website. You must choose a piece at the same Level – or higher – in which the student is registered. The only exception would be if the student is preparing a Level 6-8 from the Traditional Harmonization, they may choose a Level 5 Lead Sheet Harmonization as their 2nd prepared piece.  Each level has three pieces in three different keys from which to select.  Your choice.

Option 2 – Lead Sheet Harmonization Levels 1 – 5
Prepared Piece #1 – from the Handbook according to the Level in which the student is registered.
Prepared Piece #2 – from the Lead Sheet Harmonization pieces available to download from the CEOMTA website.  You must choose a piece at the same Level – or higher – in which the student is registered.  Each Level has three pieces in three different keys from which to select.  Your choice.

Lead Sheet Harmonization Levels 6 – 8
These levels have two “style” choices in the Handbook.  Students must prepare BOTH styles for the Level in which they are enrolled.  Levels 6 and 7 are accompaniments for a melody, which is usually played by the judge.  It is recommended that you make a recording of the melody for your students to accompany.

Theory and Ear Training
Theory and Ear Training tests have been moved online via the ClassMarker website.  A link for the Theory Test will be provided to the student prior to the Scale Olympics event day.  The exam must be completed by 3:00 PM before the close of the event.  Students at the prep, 1 and 2 levels – both theory and ear training – will require adult supervision during the exam.

Sight Reading
The only change to the Sight Reading event is how the sight reading piece is received for the student to play on the day of Scale Olympics.  There will be two options for how the student receives the sight reading music.

A 2020 Scale Olympics Sight Reading page will be emailed from the teacher to the parent of the student to print or to display on an iPad for the DAY OF Scale Olympics ONLY!   Parents should look for the sight reading in their email about 1 week prior to the event.  We are asking that the student not look over or practice the music to preserve the integrity of the sight reading event.

In extenuating circumstances on the day of Scale Olympics the judge will be able to screen share the sight reading piece.  However, this will require an iPad or similar size device that can be put on the piano so the student can sight read the piece.

The judges will need to be able to see each student’s music electronically.

Scan Option (preferred):  Each teacher registering students will need to send one email per student with that student’s scanned transposing music attached as a separate file.  Each student’s transposition piece should be titled with the student name, level, and the keys of transposition. This email should be sent to by September 3rd.  If you do not have a scanner, perhaps a colleague or a tech savvy parent can help! For example – John Smith-Level 4- original key, D and G

Photocopy Option:  Send a hard copy of each student’s Transposition music in one large envelope per teacher. Each student’s music must be individually labeled with a post-it listing the name of the student, their level, and their prepared keys as listed above, by USPS by September 3rd to:

Laura Wynia, 5369 Thistledown Drive, Columbus, OH  43221.

Ribbons will be distributed to teachers after the event.
Teachers will be responsible to distribute the ribbons to their individual students.

Laura Wynia – (614) 876-6875 –
Rebecca Buchan – (614) 935-4757 –

To download the 2018 Scale Olympics Handbook which will be used for 2020 click HERE

To download the Copyright Representation and Indemnification Agreement for Use of Downloaded/Computer-Generated Music (see Transposition) click HERE

Practice tests for Levels 2 and 4 of Ear Training are available below.
These will help teachers get an understanding of how the tests are formatted,
and be more comfortable as they prepare their students for this event.
To download, click on the links below.

Scale Olympics Level Prep Five Pages PRACTICE Ear Training Tests
Special thanks to Eik Siang Mar at

Scale Olympics Level 2 PRACTICE Ear Training test

Scale Olympics Level 4 PRACTICE Ear Training Test

We are also providing examples of rhythmic dictation for Levels 4-8,
to help your students learn to notate the rhythm they hear.

Preparing for Rhythmic Dictation

Level 4 PRACTICE Test Dictations

Additionally, there is a video showing how the Ear Training Tests will be administered.  The video uses the Level 2 Practice Ear Training test. However, all tests will be administered in the same fashion.  To view the video, click on the link below:

Updated September 7 , 2020.