Scale Olympics

Comisar LilyScale Olympics is an amazing event that gives piano students the opportunity to set goals in the areas of technique and theory.  Students may enter any number of the nine events offered: Scales, Cadences, Arpeggios, Triads, Harmonization, Transposition, Sight Reading, Theory, and Ear Training. Each event is offered at nine levels of difficulty so even beginners can participate.

Students are awarded ribbons, based on points, for every event they enter. Students entering all nine events have the opportunity to receive one of the two top awards. The Blue Rosette is awarded to students receiving Blue Ribbons in all nine events; the Yellow Rosette is awarded to students with 117 or more points and no more than two Red Ribbons.

2017 is an “off” year for Scale Olympics. The next one will be in 2018.
In the meantime, you can become familiar with this event by reading the information below.

Saturday, October 22, 2016
from 9 am to 5 pm
Battelle Fine Arts Center – Otterbein University, Westerville

Fees per student:
Members: $25.00 for 1-4 events; $30.00 for 5-9 events
Non-Members: $50.00 for 1-4 events; $60.00 for 5-9 events

Registration Deadline:  September 10, 2016

Registration is first-come, first-served. Teachers enrolling students are required to volunteer a full half-day the ‘day of’ Scale Olympics. Teachers unable to volunteer should not register students. No substitutes.

To download the 2016 Scale Olympics Handbook click on the link below:

Scale-Olympics-Handbook-2016 updated

IMPORTANT: On June 9, 2016, the Handbook was updated with changes to the fingering chart for Triads and Inversions.

To download the Copyright Representation and Indemnification Agreement for Use of Downloaded/Computer-Generated Music (see Transposition) click HERE



A video has been made showing how the Ear Training Tests will be administered. The video uses the Level 2 PRACTICE ear training test which you can download (see below). However, all tests will be administered in the same fashion. To view the video, click on this link:

We are pleased to show you mock/practice tests for Levels 2 and 4 of Ear Training. These will help teachers get an understanding of how the tests are formatted, and be more comfortable as they prepare their students for this new Scale Olympics event.  To download, click on the links below.

Scale Olympics Level Prep Five Pages PRACTICE Ear Training Tests
Special thanks to Eik Siang Mar at

Scale Olympics Level 2 PRACTICE Ear Training test

Scale Olympics Level 4 PRACTICE Ear Training Test

We are also providing some examples of rhythmic dictation for Levels 4-8, to help your students learn to notate the rhythm they hear.

Preparing for Rhythmic Dictation

Level 4 PRACTICE Test Dictations

Updated August 8 , 2017.