Certification Class Meets August 28

Are you in the midst of goal-setting for your students, so they reach a higher level of competence in a number of areas this coming year?  What goals are you setting for YOURSELF to reach a higher level of competence in a number of areas this year?  You are invited to join the group of OMTA teachers who would are contemplating
national certification.

Any member interested in or just curious about MTNA’s National Certification program is invited to come to a general information session from 9:15 – 10:15 a.m. Monday, August 28th in the Graves Recital Hall. Sometimes teachers come with no intention to become certified, but they want to continue to learn. And then sometimes they “catch” the desire to get the NCTM designation.

Beforehand, you are encouraged to visit the MTNA website at http://www.mtnacertification.org. Many members print out pertinent information. Those who wish to start one of the five required steps toward certification find that setting up a 3-ring binder or a series of folders on the computer helps in organization.

From 10:15 until 11:45 a.m., members who have already started their quest are invited to join us. We will do these things:

  • Discuss and share Teaching Philosophies (Project One) and briefly touch on Studio Policies (Project 5)
  • Discuss and look at hypothetical annual budgets (Project 5.2.C)
  • Analyze a piece of music and state how you would get a student started on it (Project 2)

Here is a testimonial from one of our members:
“I had a wonderful experience getting certified! I found that through my experience getting my certification, I rediscovered the thrill of studying music and learning new approaches to teaching. I learned much more about myself and reconnected with some of those elements of study that we as teachers sometimes don’t often get a chance to dig into because we are so busy figuring out how to get our students to count or practice. I put aside my fears as a teacher and let fellow colleagues help me with my goals. I found out that other teachers in this area are not here to be competitors but to help us along the way, and are our biggest cheerleaders. It was truly one of the greatest things I have done for myself and my students.”

I would appreciate hearing from you if you plan to attend. But if you are unsure, feel free to just show up at the last minute.

Janice Cook, NCTM

Pianorama Conductor Notes and Registration Update

Conductor notes have been posted for all levels on the Pianorama page (www.ceomta.org/student-events/pianorama.) Please make sure your students have learned and incorporated these notes into their music prior to the auditions.

We are happy to announce that Pianorama has transitioned to an online registration form this year! Registration opens August 1st and will close September 16th. The link to the registration form will be available on our website August 1. If you have any problems with the new registration form, please contact Andrea Keil – andrea@musicmakerspianostudio.com

Audition times will be sent to the teachers after registration closes, but the complete rehearsal and concert schedules have already been released. Remember that ATTENDANCE AT BOTH REHEARSALS AND THE DRESS REHEARSAL IS MANDATORY. Students should not audition if they know they will miss a rehearsal. After registering, you will receive an automatic email confirmation with a copy of your registration form. A second confirmation email will be sent from the registrar once your payment has been received. Please contact Theresa Murphy with any other registration inquiries – tmurphypiano@gmail.com