Piano Workshop with Dr. Christopher Fisher on Feb. 22

Please come and join us for the last piano workshop of the year with Dr. Christopher Fisher from Ohio University. Perfect opportunity for some enlightenment, light refreshment and conversations with our guest clinician. Free admission for CEOMTA members.

Piano Workshop with Dr. Christopher Fisher

Don’t Write the Epitaph Just Yet: Strategies for a Classical Music Revolution

Date: Friday, February 22, 2019
Time: 10 am – 12 noon
Location: Graves Piano & Organ Company Recital Hall

Claims of the demise of classical music have been raised for centuries. However, many proclaim that the art form is facing its most imposing challenges yet and is at risk of becoming obsolete. To be sure, the challenges are real, namely financial hazards and dwindling audience bases. Is classical music facing an insurmountable, systemic crisis?

Despite these threats, a wave of innovative new leaders is emerging. These passionate, outspoken advocates are brilliant educators and evangelists who are devoted to spreading the good news about the transformative power of this great music. Their message is that classical music is relevant and it has the potential to radically enrich lives. In many ways, their work is sparking a rebirth, a renaissance. For many, it is all about reimagining and reinventing the art form.

This presentation will explore exciting trends in the world of classical music and will equip piano teachers with robust yet practical strategies that can be deployed as part of an exciting classical music revival.

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