Pianorama 2021

Pianorama is a multi-piano ensemble event held every two years. Elementary through advanced students perform duets in one of nine groups, determined by playing level. Participating students learn how to follow a conductor while gaining valuable audition, rehearsal and concert experience.

Pianorama will honor and abide by all COVID social distancing requirements and health guidelines which are in effect at the time. MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS IN PIANORAMA 2021.

Registration – August 21, 2021 to October 1, 2021

Teacher Registration Form – https://forms.gle/gtGM8e5CJfkpfa5QA

Student Registration Form – https://forms.gle/szKRqwfJf5RAFJdz7

Withdrawal Form – https://forms.gle/5NCHxuchhWCnbn9Y6

All Audition Videos are Due on Friday, October 1, 2021

For instructions on how to create and upload your Audition Video, click HERE

Click on this link to view the Pianorama Rehearsal Schedule
Rehearsals – October 23 and October 30
Click on this link to view the Dress Rehearsal Schedule and Concert Times
Dress Rehearsals and Concerts – November 6, 2021
Dress Rehearsal Schedule is TENTATIVE
*****New Concert Times are 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm*****
Discover Christian Church, Dublin, Ohio

Click on this link to view the 2021 Audition and Rehearsal Parent Info

Click HERE for complete and updated information about Pianorama 2021 – including audition and registration information.

Pianorama 2021 Literature List

Amy Girvin – girvin1of5@yahoo.com – (614) 439-4665
Andrea Keil – Andrea@MusicMakersPiano Studio.com – (614) 406-7058
Kathy Savinell – ksavinell@gmail.com – (216) 374-1883

Level 1A Conductor Notes
– Debra Mattera
Level 1B Conductor Notes – Ashley Wise
Level 1B should also watch this video with more information from your conductor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek6u0czoveI
Level 2A Conductor Notes – Holly Kessis
Level 2B Conductor Notes – Melissa Robol
Level 3A Conductor Notes – Janice Cahill
Level 3B Conductor Notes – Katherine Bede
Level 4 Conductor Notes 8.11.21 Updated – Bruce Piper
Level 5 Conductor Notes – Caroline Salido-Barta
Advanced Ensemble Conductor Notes – Suzanne Newcomb

Congratulations and Bravo to all who participated in Pianorama 2021 !!
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Level 1A

Level 1B

Level 2A

Level 2B

Level 3A

Level 3B

Level 4

Level 5

Advanced Ensemble



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