Officers & Chairmen

New Officers and Committee Chairpersons are approved at our Annual Membership Meeting. Listed under each Vice President are the Committee Chairpersons reporting to them, creating a series of “teams” that serve our organization. Elected Officers are in bold, and they comprise the Board of Directors. They may expedite resolution of matters that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting. The Executive Board is composed of all Officers and Committee Chairpersons.  Listed below are the 2016-2018 Officers and Committee Chairmen.

President • Rachel Mills
Immediate Past President • Laura Benson
Treasurer • Bruce Piper
Recording Secretary • Janice Cahill

Vice President of Member Services • Cynthia Adams

  • Membership • LeeAnn Forgrave
  • Certification • Janice Cook
  • Grants for Professional Development • Annette Suhovecky
  • Publicity • Sally Sansbury
  • Directory Advertising • Irma Khouw
  • Directory Compilation • Elizabeth Kloes
  • Webmaster • Cynthia Adams

Vice President of Student Competitions • Rose Zuber

  • Buckeye Auditions • Rose Zuber
  • OhioMTA/Graves Piano Solo & Ensemble Competition • Kenneth Williams
  • Summer Study Scholarships Co-Chairs • Debra Mattera and Laura Benson

Vice President of Student Activities • Miriam Brown

  • Out & About • Miriam Brown
  • Pianorama Co-Chairs • Theresa Murphy and Andrea Keil
  • Scale Olympics Co-Chairs • Katherine Bede and Jessica Heitmeyer
  • Student Solo & Ensemble Recitals • Caroline Salido-Barta
  • District Festival Co-Chairs • Ejiela Agi and Rebecca Blumensheid

Vice President of Teacher Activities • Susan Treer

  • District Conferences Co-Chairs • Carol Rein and Sharon Walton
  • Independent Music Teachers Forum • Susan Treer
  • Piano Workshops • Gulimina Mahamuti
  • Strings Coordinator • Jacqueline Stevanus
  • Vocal Coordinator • Charlotte Catlin

Student Chapters
Capital University • Fan Zhang
Ohio State University • Kenneth Williams
Otterbein University • Nicholas Ross

National Officers

State Officers

July 2017