National Certification

The MTNA National Certification Program exists to improve the level of professionalism within the field of music teaching. Every member of our district is encouraged and invited to become nationally certified by completing five projects which detail your preparation, your skills, and your professionalism. We offer classes for those interested in certification, and attendees say that the group dynamic and peer support assists in many ways. But the projects can also be done on your own, and on your own time-table.

To get started, go to  Read about the general standards and the five specific projects. Then contact the District Certification Chair (see below) for help and support.

Our 2016 Central East District Nationally Certified Teacher of the Year is Laura Flowers Benson, who has a piano studio in Worthington. When asked about national certification, she replied, “I’m not sure I can top what “Chad” has said about it.” Please read Chad’s words on Honoring Responsibility With MTNA Certification:

Consider making 2016-2017 the year you pursue certification. The process itself will improve your teaching and help your career as a teacher. One of our current applicants has beautifully stated, “The certification group has truly been a catalyst for an exciting season of professional growth. Each project leads to more learning, which leads to more investigating, which impacts my teaching in so many ways. I don’t feel like I am the same teacher I was when we started.”

Central East Certification Chairperson
Janice Cook, NCTM
1020 Woodman Drive, Columbus, OH 43085
(614) 848-3360 –

Updated July 2, 2016.