Summer Study Scholarship Recipients Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Summer Study Scholarships. These students ranged from Elementary to Advanced performance levels and were evaluated on their performance (50%), essay (30%) and sight-reading (20%). Thank you to our fine adjudicators, Dr. Richard Van Dyke, Dr. Dawn Wohn, and Dr. Cicilia Yudha. Congratulations to these students and their teachers.

Cecilia Martin (Tatiana Hanna)-violin-$550-The Loft Violin Shop & CEOMTA
Danna Long (Kathleen Stephenson Sadoff)-piano-$400-CEOMTA
Adam Whitman (Ginny Christopherson)-violin-$250-The Loft Violin Shop & CEOMTA
Stanley Cao (Nina Polonsky)-piano-$200-Solich Piano & CEOMTA
Samuel Deng (Anna Svirsky)-violin-$150-CEOMTA
Kimberly Shi (Kathleen Stephenson Sadoff)-piano-$150-Piano Technicians Guild
Chloe Johnson (Laurie Loper)-piano-$150-Columbus Piano Leasing & CEOMTA
Ben Webster (Deborah Bradshaw-Tigh)-piano-$150-Music Go Round
Ruby Frush Holt (Jessica Heitmeyer)-piano-$100 Columbus Piano Leasing

This information can also be viewed on our website:

Summer Music Study Scholarships