Out & About

The Out & About program consists of public service performance opportunities for students. These events may include creative activities, recitals and performances at hospitals, senior living places and malls. The hospital events are aptly termed “Sound of Mind and Body”. The hospital “listening audience” consists of staff, patients and families who are passing through the lobby. All Out & About dates are on Sundays except November 16, which is on a Saturday. Students may use this performance as Volunteer Credit at their school by bringing a form for Mrs. Brown to sign.

Dates and Times

Sunday, September 22 – St. Ann’s Hospital – 1:30 pm
Sunday, October 20 – Riverside Methodist Hospital – 1:30 pm
Saturday, November 16 – Friendship Village Columbus – RECITAL – 2 pm
Sunday, December 8 – St. Ann’s Hospital – 1:30 pm
Sunday, December 15 – The Shops at Worthington Place – at the Grand Piano – 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Sunday, January 26 – Riverside Methodist Hospital – 1:30 pm
Sunday, February 16 – St. Ann’s Hospital – 1:30 pm
Sunday, March 8 – Brookdale Pinnacle – RECITAL – 3 pm
Sunday, April 26 – Riverside Methodist Hospital – 1:30 pm
Sunday, May 17 – St. Ann’s Hospital – 1:30 pm

Repertoire Requirements

  • Students may play up to 5 minutes in length.
  • Each teacher is limited to a total of 20 minutes of student performance time.
  • Students should have studied for at least one year and/or repertoire should be at least early to mid-elementary level/Guild EB.
  • Pieces should be at least 16 measures long.
  • If there is an open space or a last minute cancellation, the chairperson may contact teachers to bring additional students.
  • Duets are permitted. Adults welcome.

Performance Guidelines

  • All proposed pieces are deemed performance ready by their teacher. This means that pieces should be accurate, well-prepared, and “polished” in order to represent CEOMTA well in a public setting.
  • Students should be taught how to walk to the piano, perform, and bow afterwards.
  • Memorization is encouraged but not required.

How to Register
Registration by email to Miriam Brown must come from the teacher. Please include the teacher’s name, the student’s name and age, level (beginner to advanced) and the piece’s title, composer and length.

We would like to recognize the students who participate in CEOMTA events by sending write-ups to local newspapers and posting on our district website and social media pages. If you would like to help us do this, please have the parent/guardian of participating students fill out this form by the date of their event:


Thank you!

Registration Deadline
Wednesday before the Sunday of each performance.

Registration Fee
Free to students of CEOMTA members; $5 fee for students of nonmembers.

Miriam Brown, NCTM
2787 Serene Pl  –  Columbus, OH 43231


Last updated August 27, 2019