Student Assistance Fund

OhioMTA Central East District is pleased to offer a scholarship fund for students needing financial assistance. The funding is made possible through a partnership with the Beverly A. Rawles (BAR) Fund for Music Education of the Columbus Foundation.

General guidelines for the Student Assistance Fund

  1. Funds are intended for a student or students in difficult circumstances.
  2. The student,18 years and under, has studied for at least two years.
  3. The student follows assignments and has great interest in learning.
  4. There is adequate family involvement, support, and commitment to a good music education.
  5. There are extenuating circumstances resulting in stress on the family finances which interfere with the best outcome for the student.
  6. The request must come from the teacher and will be paid directly to the teacher. He or she is asked to use it in an organized and systematic way as they see fit to enable the music education of this student to go forward.
  7. Once the funds are awarded the teacher must submit a written report of how the money was spent within 60 days to the president.
  8. No application fee for MTNA members.  There is a $25 application fee for non member teachers.

Managing the Student Assistance Fund

  1. Contact the president to see if funds are still available for the year
  2. Teacher may request up to $300, but it may only be partially awarded
  3. All requests will be reviewed by the Finance Committee which will make the final decision.

The teacher should make a written request providing documentation detailing the situation. Include name and age of the student and a description of the history and circumstances. If there are reasons to protect the identity of the family, leave off last names.

Updated June 2016.