Proposed Officer Slate for 2018-2020

The Nominating Committee (Laura Benson, Chairman, Susan Treer, Lee Ann Forgrave) is pleased to announce the candidates for officers of the 2018-2020 Ohio Music Teachers Association Central East District Board of Directors. Members attending the Annual Membership Meeting (part of our spring conference) on April 13, 2018 will vote on the slate, following any nominations from the floor.

President – Lee Ann Forgrave
Immediate Past President – Rachel Mills
Treasurer – Bruce Piper
Secretary – Janice Cahill
Vice President of Member Services – Rachel Mills
Vice President of Student Competitions – Laura Benson
Vice President of Student Activities – Miriam Brown
Vice President of Teacher Activities – Ashley Wise

To download a printable pdf, click on the link below:

Slate of Officers 2018-2020

I would like to thank Susan Treer and Lee Ann Forgrave for their work on the Nominating Committee. I would also like to thank the many leaders in our membership that stepped up to guide our organization for the next two years as we continue our important work in the music teaching community. A full list of Chairmen will be published in due course.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Benson, NCTM