Proposed Budget for 2018-2019

Dear OhioMTA Central East Membership,

On behalf of the Budget Committee, we are pleased to present a balanced budget for the membership to ratify at our annual membership meeting, which will be held during our Spring Conference on April 13. This process began last summer with the Finance Committee making various recommendations for the board to consider. One of the big changes to our proposed budget this year is the format in which it is being presented. We are proposing two budgets. The first is our Operational Budget, which includes all our district activities. The second budget is our Scholarship, Awards, and Grants Budget, which is related to our Competitions and Professional Development Grants. You will notice the Operational Budget carries forward a profit which enables us to offset what would otherwise be a loss to run our Buckeye Auditions, Summer Scholarships and Professional Development Grants.

One of the other changes we made is to take out a few of the line items which have been in our budget for awhile, but have had no activity. An example would be Voice Workshop line item. This does not mean it is gone forever. We can always add items back into the budget if a chairman is secured and an idea for a program is submitted.

To download a pdf of the proposed budget, click on the link below.

OMTA 2018-19 Proposed Budget

You will need to print in Landscape orientation.

If you have any questions or concerns about the budget prior to the annual membership meeting, feel free to e-mail me at

Bruce Piper, Treasurer
OhioMTA Central East District