Pianorama 2019

Pianorama 2019 is just around the corner!

Conductors’ notes have been posted for each level – they can be accessed through links from the rehearsal schedule. Please read these thoroughly and incorporate them into your students’ preparations – this will make everyone’s audition and rehearsal experiences go much more smoothly.

Registration is open July 15th through September 1st. Please remind your students to check the rehearsal schedules and confirm that they will be able to attend ALL of the rehearsals before registering. We have changed registration form systems this year – the teacher will fill out a single Teacher Registration form, then submit an individual Student Registration form for each duet team (students must be registered in pairs). We will also have a withdrawal form available if duet teams need to withdraw or partners need to be substituted. Teams that withdraw before September 1st (the registration deadline) will have their fees refunded to the teacher. Registration fees for withdrawals made after the registration deadline are non-refundable.

Complete information can be found on our website:

Hope everyone is enjoying their preparations for Pianorama 2019!

Amy Girvin & Andrea Keil, Pianorama Co-Chairmen