Sample Ear Training and Theory Tests – Scale Olympics 2020

The 2020 Scale Olympics Committee is offering guidance to our teachers for the online theory and ear training tests. We all know what they look like because we’ve been working on them. But you don’t! So we have created two videos that will show you what they look like, and how they work. We hope this gives you the information you need to better prepare your (younger) students. IMPORTANT. Ear Training will NOT have melodic or rhythmic dictation. These have been replaced with questions that offer answers via drop down menu choices.

The videos can be viewed on our website:


Announcing Virtual Scale Olympics 2020

Welcome to Scale Olympics 2020!

Appointed by our CEOMTA President, Andrea Keil, the Scale Olympics Committee has determined to move the event to an online format amid the COVID-19 pandemic for everyone’s safety. Complete information can now be found on our website:

We are still working out many details for the “day of” and this information will be released as things are finalized. It’s a big job, but we are getting it done! So start training your Olympians!

Members of the Scale Olympics 2020 Committee
Laura Wynia (Co-Chairman), Rebecca Buchan (Co-Chairman), Cynthia Adams, Lizbeth Atkinson, Rachel Mills, Bruce Piper and Annette Suhovecky.

Scale Olympics 2020

Scale Olympics 2020 will be shifting to an online format in the interest of safety amid COVID-19 concerns. The event will utilize the Scale Olympics Handbook currently in effect (2018), thereby offering all 9 events to students. A committee has been established to ensure a smooth transition to an online event. While this year will take on a new shape from prior events, we believe Scale Olympics 2020 will continue to serve as a beneficial goal for both students and teachers alike. We look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks.

Thank you,

Rebecca Buchan and Laura Wynia, Co-Chairmen