Announcing Scale Olympics 2022

We are excited to announce that Scale Olympics 2022 will be held in-person at Otterbein University in the Battelle Fine Arts Center on Saturday, October 15th.

Important Updates: Building on our experience from 2020, the Scale Olympics committee has chosen to keep the Theory and Ear Training tests online for 2022, having students take the tests prior to coming to Scale Olympics. This saves students’ time onsite at Scale Olympics, saves money on photocopies, and saves a substantial amount of volunteer time. Students will receive their scores and ribbons for these events at Scale Olympics. This was approved by the Executive Board.

The Harmonization committee has eliminated the at-sight Harmonization piece from the Lead Sheet Track. Students will do two prepared pieces instead, to encourage students to try more challenging Harmonization levels. The Traditional Harmonization Track will continue to use an at-sight piece, in addition to a prepared piece. The Harmonization Committee also changed the Level 4 Harmonization piece for the Traditional Track from “Camptown Races” to “The Marine’s Hymn”. These changes were also approved by the Executive Board.

The Scale Olympics Handbook has been updated with these changes and is available to download from our website:

The Scale Olympics Teacher training and Judges training have been scheduled. Dates and times are posted on our website.  We will be recruiting judges during May and June, and plan to open online registration on July 1st.

We look froward to seeing you all there!